Calling All Disney Lovers

Do you love Disney? Perfect. So do I. If you asked my husband he would say that we have WAY to many Disney movies, and my jaw consistently drops each time. I then respond to his complaints with a question, “Can you ever have enough?” The answer is no. No you can’t.

So, I’m going to share with you our favorite way to get cheap Disney DVD’s, and it really works. For the longest time, I was POSITIVE that the Disney Movie Club was a scam. I kept seeing all of the amazing adds saying that you could get Disney Movies for a ton cheaper than I had ever seen them. It just didn’t make sense, but one day I looked into it more and decided to try it. Now, I can say that I will NEVER not be a member of the Disney Movie Club.

Let’s talk about some of the perks. When you join the Disney Movie Club you get 5 movies for ONE DOLLAR! $1.00. UNO DI NERO (I know… That’s not proper Spanish). The great thing is that there isn’t a “limited selection” of old movies to choose from. We selected all of the newest releases when we did ours and we had new movies to watch for days! That would have cost me at least $100.00 if I would have purchased it from the store. On top of that, if you order 1 DVD at regular price at any time after you join, you get all of the other DVD’s that you order at least 50% off. So sure, you may be spending a little more than you would at Walmart for the first DVD, but after that, you are getting at least 2 movies for the price of one. How awesome is that?

What’s the catch? Good question! Here is what you need to know. Over 2 years, you have to order 4 movies at regular price. Easiest thing ever. Birthday? Movies! Christmas? Movies! The only other thing that you need to be aware of is that every couple of months they have what they call a “Featured Title.” You will get an email notification as well as a mailer that tells you what that featured title is. Often it’s a new release or a combo pack of movies. You can either accept or decline this title. Nothing happens if you choose to decline it. All you have to do is login to your account at and click “respond to featured title.” They will then send you an email with your confirmation. If you do not decline it within the month long grace period, it is auto shipped and your card on file is charged.

I am horrible with auto shipped items. Honestly, I’m really bad, and I usually refuse any offers that require auto ship. BUT, I’ve found that because of the multiple ways of notifying me, as well as the fact that I’m usually EXCITED about what it is going to be, I have never forgotten to respond to a title. I also get to pre-order movies that haven’t even been released yet!

So guys, again, buying movies is kinda my thing. I love it. I love buying old movies that I used to watch as a kid for my kids to enjoy. I love Desperate Housewives and Golden Girls, which just so happen to ALSO be done by Disney and can be purchased in seasons through their site. You will LOVE the Disney Movie Club. We got it and we will never look back.

Click here and use my code to sign up today and get your 5 movies for $1.oo! It will take you to my Facebook page where you will see a link that will take you straight there! Enjoy spending you snowed in days watching Disney for cheap!  IMG_8141[1]




Things to do in Utah

I don’t know about you guys, but, while I love my home and I try to make it a place of peace and comfort, I would rather be out of it. The world is such a big place with so many fun things to do. It wasn’t until last year that I started getting passes to some of my favorite places each year, and I wished that I would have done it sooner! While it costs some money up front, there is no better feeling than getting up in the morning and knowing that me and my children have an awesome selection of things to do that day! Because of that, I have put together a list of places in Salt Lake and Utah County, that you may not have known, offer cheap prices or awesome deals on passes! Below you will find the link to each place as well as a link to a BETTER deal if I can find one for you!

And while I know that I only did the work for some of my personal favorite Utah options, if they don’t apply to you I encourage you to take the time to look into your favorite rec center’s passes, or the local pool and more! There are options that will allow you to save money and get out of the house! You just have to do the research!

Seriously guys, there is nothing better than getting out. Even if it’s just to watch your kids run around, get some good ol’ vitamin D, and enjoy spending time together!

Daily Rates:
Adult: $14.95
Child (Ages 2+): $10.95
Toddlers 2 and under are free

There are 9 different Hogle Zoo pass options ranging from $79.00 a year to $1,000.00. (Obviously, that last one is a group rate.)

Some of the benefits, depending on the package that you choose are:

– Free general admission for TWO named adults in the same household
– Free general admission for immediate children or grandchildren under the age of 18
– Discounted Zoo Lights admission (this is the only event that you don’t get in free)
– Free or discounted admission to 125 zoos and aquariums nationwide
– Members only zoo time. Sunrise and Sunset times where only members can enter the zoo.
– 10% off of food and gifts
– Free rides on the train or carousel or discounted punch passes, again according to which pass you choose
– Free guests every time you visit. (Depending on the pass there may be only 1 free guest or 2)
– You CAN take in your own food! This is such a HUGE PLUS! I pack in snacks and sandwiches and drinks and we are set!

I was unable to find a discount, but this is one of my personal favorites. My boys run around, play in the splash pad, and play on the play ground! Sometimes they look at the animals and sometimes they don’t, but either way, we’re out in the sun. The kids run until they can’t anymore and we absolutely LOVE this pass.

Click HERE for the link to Utah’s Hogle Zoo to view membership options!

Freebies2Deals-HogleZooHogle Zoo Splash Pad


This pass is often under rated because people don’t know what it includes besides Seven Peaks Water Park. So, while the water park is AWESOME and has locations in Orem and in Salt Lake City, there are so many other benefits. This card is one you want to carry in your wallet.

Here are the daily rates for Seven Peaks Water Park:
All Day Pass: $24.99
All Day for Children (48 inches or less): $19.99
After 4:00 PM: $15.99
After 6:00 PM: $9.99
Toddlers 2 and under are free

On top of the entrance fee, you should expect to pay for tube rentals and parking. They do not allow you to take food into the park, but they do have a section where you can place your cooler and return when you choose to eat. That being said, you will need to pay for food if you don’t want to carry it in.

You can purchase a Pass of all Passes for $39.99 off of their website which will pay for itself in your first visit.

Now, this is a great deal but here are some of the other options that you have with your Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes.

– Free Orem Owlz games. My husband and I took our boys to this, sat on the grass, ate a hot dog and enjoyed each others company. They also have a giant playground for children as well as a supervised bounce house area for children. SO FUN!
– Towne Cinemas Movie Theater in American Fork has all movies for $1.50 and your pass of all passes gives you a discount on the movie price and concessions.
– Utah Grizzlies games are such a good time! If you haven’t gone, you need to! Even if you don’t like hockey, it’s an experience that everyone should have!
– Real Monarchs. For those that don’t know, this team is associated with Real Salt Lake (Soccer) and you can attend their games as well!
– You can attend select athletic events for BYU, the U and UVU.
– Rocky Mt. Raceway in the past has offered FREE admittance, I spoke with a rep today that said that it’s up in the air as to whether or not it will be free this year or if it will be discounted.
– Tracy Aviary has $1.00 Tuesdays where every pass holder will only pay $1.00 for admittance.
– SCERA shell outdoor theater only accepts your pass during the summer. Last year it offered 1 free ticket to each pass holder to one outdoor play. This year they are currently looking at whether or not they will offer the free option again, or if it will be a discount. It will be decided as summer approaches and they will announce it on their website.
– Scales and Tails is a location where you can go to experience up close, controlled (thank heavens) encounters with reptiles and other animals. They are only open on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and your pass gets you in!

As you can see this is an awesome option for multiple opportunities to get out of the house! We can’t get enough of ours, and it MORE than pays for itself!

Click HERE for the Groupon Deal for $19.99

It can also be found on City Deals in multiple varieties (some include tubes and parking) but click HERE for basic link! You can also view the other options from this link.

Seven Peaks  Orem Owlz Tracy Aviary


There are four different venues that you can access at Thanksgiving Point. Each of those venues offer so many fun opportunities, and Thanksgiving Point offers multiple different passes to meet each persons needs!

The four different venues are:
Museum of Natural Curiosity (KIDS LOVE THIS!) It truly is spectacular!
Farm Country (Again, children go nuts here!)
Thanksgiving Point Gardens
Museum of Ancient Life

Here are their daily prices:
Museum of Natural Curiosity
Thanksgiving Point Gardens
Museum of Ancient Life

Adult: $15.00
Children (ages 3-12): $12.00

Farm Country:
Adults and Children are both $7.00. This price includes a pony ride for kids ages 3-12 and a wagon ride for everyone.

The membership prices range from $75.00 – $600.00 for a year.

The package that we found the most beneficial for us was the Family pass. This includes Two adults in the same address and their dependent children.

The benefits of having a membership to Thanksgiving Point, aside from free access to all 4 venues are:

– 50% off admission for any guests that you bring with you. This is awesome. Why? Because it’s more fun for mom (or dad) when you have a friend that you can chat with while your children run wild!
– 10% off food, retail and signature experiences.
– Early notification for camps, classes, events and other programs.

Your kids, and maybe you (depending on how much sleep you got the night before due to your little children) could LITERALLY stay here all day long.

It’s well worth the investment!

Click HERE to take a better look at the options and look into getting your membership!

Thanksgiving Point  Discovery Gateway


DISCLAIMER Classic Fun Center doesn’t actually have a pass.

Classic Fun Center is NOT the same as it was when I was a child. It’s so cool now and my kids LOVE it! There are three different sections that seem to target each age group and their interests.

The Skating Rink, Bouncing and Inflatables and what they call the Climbing Space Station. (Pictured below)

My kids ask to go here every single day and while we don’t, I love that this is an option because it doesn’t break the bank. There are locations in Layton, Orem, and Sandy.

General Admission Prices:
1 Hour: $6.00 and they get 5 free tokens.
Each additional hour is $2.00
Funlimited Day Pass: $15.00: This includes 20 tokens, 20 tickets and a $3.00 meal deal.

This is a cheap option if you are just wanting to get out of the house!

Classic  Classic fun center


The connect pass allows you to visit 15 different locations 1 time over whatever period of time you select. While there are different lengths of time on the options that you can select, I am highlighting the 365 day option!

Over 365 days you get to visit the following locations:
– Clark Planetarium Dome Theater
– Clark Plantarium 3D Imax
– Discovery Gateway
– The Lion House Pantry (they offer you a free meal)
– Natural History Museum of Utah
– Red Butte Garden
– Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort
– Thanksgiving Point Gardens
– Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life
– This is the Place Heritage Park
– Tracy Aviary
– Utah’s Hogle Zoo
– Utah Olympic Park
– Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Assuming that you paid for 1 adult and 1 child at each of these locations, you would spend $284.78 based on their daily admission rates. In the same scenario, the Connect Pass would cost you $135.00 and save you $149.78.

Purchasing the connect pass will cost you $75.00 per adult and $60.00 per child through the Groupon Link HERE.

Clark     This is the Place

Discovery Gateway


The aquarium is such a fun place to take your family! We love that it’s indoors so it’s nice to visit on those hot summer days and when it’s freezing outside! It’s a great place for your kids to learn and explore!

Daily Admission Prices are:
Adults: $17.95
Students and Teens: $14.95
Children (Ages 3-12): $12.95
2 and under are free

The memberships prices are good for 1 year and here are the costs:
Adults: $59.95
Teens and Students: $54.95
Children (Ages 3-12): $49.95
Family Membership: $175.95 (This includes 2 adults and 4 children)
Family Plus Membership: $249.95 (This includes 2 adults, 4 children and 2 additional guests)

Go to the aquarium 4 times and you’ve paid for your membership! Having a membership also offers you discounts on gift shop purchases, cafe purchases, penguin encounters, birthdays, Tuki’s Island Play and Party Center is free and there are exclusive members only activities!

HERE is the link to check it out now!

Aquarium  Penguins

I know that this is a lot of information! But, I hope that by reading through it you feel a little less stressed about trying to find the activities that are going to be right for you and your family when trying to get out of the house, especially this summer!