Happy Angry Bird Day

So this year for my son’s 5th birthday he requested to have an Angry Birds theme. I was honestly not sure where it came from because he had been most recently obsessed with Pokemon and I fully expected to be planning a Pokemon party and was prepared for that one! So I took to Pinterest and put together a party that he will never forget. It obviously took a little more effort to put it together myself then to just purchase everything pre-made but saving the money was the bomb.


Welcome to the party! Our party was held in the backyard and we hung this homemade sign from the fence. I purchased paper for this party. A lot of paper. I purchased my paper from Hobby Lobby at 30% off which is a sale that I’m pretty sure is permanent there but it makes me feel better to buy things that are on sale! In the picture, there is red, yellow, green, blue and black cardstock, white cardstock on top. For the letters, if you are incredibly talented and have a super steady hand you can write the letters, but I typed mine and then cut them out. Hole punched the sides and tied them together with tulle.


I purchased my gift bags from Zurchers for under 50 cents a piece and then cut out all of the faces and glued them on!

I also used the same faces for the party hats.


You can find the link for the faces that I used here. She used it for faces on balloons which are adorable too! You’ll just click on the link that says free printable Angry Birds Balloon Template.

After picking up their party hat we let them pick out a tattoo! The super tough kind that you put on with a rag and some water!


We started the party off by letting the kids color! Who doesn’t have a million crayons, colored pencils, and markers in their house? Oh just us? Well, we have a million. So we let the kids sit in the shade on the deck and color angry birds coloring pages which you can literally just google “angry birds coloring pages, free printables” and come up with endless options!


We followed this activity with some good ole’ fashion pin the beak on the bird! For this activity, I purchased a white poster board, a red poster board (you can get them super cheap at Walmart) and I used those for the birds body, his white tummy, and his eyes. I then hand sketched his eyebrows and the thing on his head, whatever that is called.

I printed a bunch of the red bird faces from the link above which can be found here again and I cut out JUST the nose for the game!

The biggest hit of our party was the real life angry birds game we had set up! I asked my dad to bring home boxes from his work, but I’m sure that you could ask for some from people you know, they aren’t too hard to find! I was going to print out the numbers that we used and print out TNT signs but with a little less time than I planned I wrote them and taped them on, the kids didn’t notice the difference.


If you look closely you can see that I spray painted some cans green that represented the pigs but you could use anything! I just saved the cans from our dinners each night!

We purchased a water balloon sling shot on Amazon.com for under $10.00 and we used it to shoot the birds or the balls whatever you wanna call them. I spray painted 3 tennis balls blue to represent the blue bird and then used black, red and yellow birds for the others.



We drank green and red juice and put the Red bird’s face on the red juice dispenser and the pig on the green juice dispenser.


I looked at prices for cakes all over the place and couldn’t justify the price, but I am NOT the best baker. Especially when I don’t have the time to cook them, and then try again if I mess up! I ended up settling on this fun cupcake recipe and they turned out awesome!

Here is the pin that shows you how to make them! And then because I’m not creative enough to make the faces on them I used these cupcake toppers stuck on toothpicks for the cupcakes!


If you’ve never made tissue paper pom poms you are in for an experience. They are time-consuming but can be used for so many things!

Here are the directions, but you can also google multiple tutorials that show step by step instructions!

1. Stack eight 20-by-30-inch sheets of tissue. Make 1 1/2-inchwide accordion folds, creasing with each fold.
2. Fold an 18-inch piece of floral wire in half, and slip over center of folded tissue; twist.
3. Separate layers, pulling away from center one at a time.
4. Tie a length of monofilament to floral wire for hanging.

I AGAIN used the bird faces to make the pom’s that we hung from the trees above the gift bag and treat table!


For our gift bags, we had the treats out on the table and let the kids pick their bag and then fill it with one of each treat. Here are the treats that we put together.


The first treat was the easiest to put together. I placed gummy worms into small party/treat bags, I ordered 200 of them off of amazon for $2.50. I typed up the label “Bird Food” and the little pictures of the red bird and stapled them closed.

The next treat is “BIRD SEED POPS.” You can use any rice crispy treat recipe you want and replace the rice crispies with Fruity Pebbles and then place a lollipop stick in them. Wrap them up, type, print and cut out the labels, I attached a tiny picture of the yellow bird and tied them closed.


The last treat is “Baby Blues Popcorn.” Here is the recipe for candied corn.

For the candied popcorn I used the following recipe, but you are more than welcome to use your own.


Popcorn air popped or microwaved, I microwaved mine.
Melting White Chocolate
Blue Food Coloring
Blue Sprinkles


Place popcorn in a large bowl
1. Melt white chocolate
2. Dye chocolate blue by adding blue food coloring
3. Add chocolate mixture to the popcorn bowl and mix well.
4. Add blue sprinkles
5. Spread out on wax paper and wait for it to dry. Mine took a few hours.
6. Place popcorn balls into clear treat/party bags.
7. Type up the label, cut it out, stable the blue bird picture and then use blue tulle to tie it closed.



All in all my 5-year-old had a party that required me to invest some time and effort but aside from A BUNCH OF PAPER, I didn’t need many other supplies that I didn’t already have on hand! The last thing that I wanted to provide you with is some free printables that you can use however you see fit! The link is here! Have a Happy Bird Day!


DIY I Spy Jar for Kids

Today the boys and I made the funnest, cheapest craft and they LOVE it! It’s kept them busy for hours and I couldn’t have found anything easier! What do you need? Let me show you.

First you’re going to want to start with a clear container. We used a mason jar because we had one at home. You can also use a clear water bottle or a plastic container. Whatever you use  is up to you, you just want to make sure that your littles are going to be able to see inside!


The next thing that you’re going to need is rice.


Do you need this much rice? Absolutely not
Did we open this bag from the bottom so it’s upside down for this photo? Yes.

You’re only going to need about 3 cups of rice max depending on what else you are going to put into your jar.

Here are a few of the things that we put into ours.

Most of the things that we used were regular household items! A clothes pin, a dime, a bobby pin, paperclip and buttons. The other items are things that I purchased from Hobby Lobby for about $1.99 per bag of small little items. We got a dice, little animals, cupcakes and bells. The leftovers will be used for some other project that I come up with in the future so I’m not opposed to buying in bulk even if I only need 1.

The next thing that you’re going to want to do is pour some rice into your container, and then place a few items in. Pour some rice into the container and place a few items in. Of course it’s going to get mixed up, but it’s nice to have things spread out through the rice. You also don’t want to fill it so full that your child won’t be able to shake it around looking for the items.

When you’re finished you’re going to want to glue the lid down, because if your kids are anything like mine I would have rice in my carpet within 5 minutes of leaving them alone with it.

Your finished jar will look similar to this. We also used green paper in the top because we couldn’t find the middle part of our jar. It works just as well and my son thinks it’s because green is his favorite color so it worked out great!


I made a list of the items that we put in our jar for my boys to find that goes with the jar. You could obviously type yours if you want it to look nicer but my boys were not patient enough to wait! They now go item by item looking for each of them in the rice. Even from the other room I can currently hear the rice bouncing around in the jar.


Have fun making yours! We probably spent $6.00 max on this project and it’s now one of our favorites! I’d love to see yours when you finish and I can post them to my blog site!

Teaching your Mini Me’s at Home!

I have a preschool age little boy. He’s the bomb. He seems like the smartest child on the planet and I’m not even being biased, ooooooor maybe I am. But either way, when it came time for preschool we had a hard time finding one to enroll him in. It didn’t have anything to do with no schools being good enough or not being able to find a program that we liked. Unfortunately, it was connected to his bi-weekly visits with his dad. Don’t get me wrong, those visits are the best thing for him, but it’s hard to find a school that allows him to only attend every other week.

I wasn’t stressed. He was so smart that he would be just fine in Kindergarten. Besides, I didn’t go to Preschool and I feel like I’m pretty smart most of the time. The problem came when all of his friends started talking about school. “I can’t play until 12:30 because I have school.” “Today at school we played with paint and I painted a giant picture of an alligator!” Our son was confused. “Why can’t I go to school like everyone else?” He was so bummed out! He had seen enough Daniel Tiger to know that school was supposed to be a pretty fun place. Full of blocks, toys, imagination, coloring, snacks, music and more.

I decided that I wanted to be able to give him as much of that experience as he can possibly have. So every day we have “school.” There is no curriculum, and if one day we miss it, we don’t freak out. But, we LOVE it. Some days are hard because keeping him focused and motivated can be quite the task. However, watching him grow and learn right in front of my eyes is such a great experience!
Even if your little goes to school, we have found some activities that we love doing that promote learning, imagination, and more that can be done anytime!

We follow a simple schedule that includes the following topics.

Monday: Letters, Sounds, Spelling and Reading
Tuesday: Numbers, Adding, and Subtracting
Wednesday: Days of the week and Time
Thursday: Colors and Shapes
Friday: Craft day.

Each day before we dive into our learning for the day, Little Man runs outside to see what the weather is like! He then comes back in and gets to post the weather. I made the “weather” by drawing the pictures on card stock, you can even print them out, and then I laminated them which is obviously completely optional but I KNEW they didn’t stand a chance of survival if I didn’t.


We also frequently use my sons “dry erase board.” Which was probably THE EASIEST part to make. We have him draw pictures on it that start with the letter we are learning about. He practices writing his letters, his numbers, drawing his shapes and more.

For this part, I took pieces of card stock to the office supply store, and get ready, I LAMINATED THEM. Boom! Dry erase board! We have four of them.



So he draws these pictures for that day and then after we’re done, I wipe it off and put it away so that it’s ready to use again tomorrow! And when I say away, I mean in this shoe box that I label his “school box.”


He gets rewarded for paying attention and doing his best. Which is something that at 4, I’m sure is EXTREMELY difficult. We took a trip to the dollar store and purchased some cheap dollar store “rewards.” He picked out jump ropes, bubbles, coloring books, flashlights, puzzles and more. $15.00 later I had rewards to last me forever. After every day, if he’s been good he gets to pick one of these! And let’s be honest, even as an adult stickers are pretty great.


And he gets to put it on the back of THIS!

His own personal name tag! I found them at Hobby Lobby for like….$1.99.
And because they were so cheap, I kinda felt like I needed one too. And apparently I’m on a power trip because who are we kidding, I’m not even close to being a teacher….but a girl can pretend right?

I’m not gonna lie I’m not awesome at this whole thing and there are days that I have no idea what we’re going to do, so I purchased these handy dandy activity books from again, my fave place, the dollar store!


It really has been such a blessing watching this boy that I swear was born yesterday grow into this wonderful, smart big boy right in front of my eyes! And it was so easy to make it happen!


Spread the Love with these Valentines treats! 

Today we decided to make some Valentines treats for a few of our loved ones! If we did everyone we love we would be cooking forever! How blessed are we to love THAT many people right? We found chocolate dipped rice crispy hearts and we knew that they were the ones!

It was fun and easy and while it was a tiny bit messy we loved licking the chocolate off of our fingers! Here is what you’ll need:

  • 3 tablespoons of butter.
  • 1 10 ounce package of regular marshmallows or 4 cups of mini marshmallows.
  • 6 cups of crisp rice cereal
  • 12 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Valentines Sprinkles

Melt the butter in a large sauce pan. Add marshmallows and melt them into the butter until you have a creamy mixture. Add your rice crisp cereal and mix until all cereal is mixed in and sticky!

Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to create the heart shaped rice crispy treats and place them on a greased cookie sheet or wax/parchment paper.

Melt 12 ounces of chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. Take each heart and dip it in however you want! We dipped one side but you can do the top or the bottom too! I used a spoon to push the chocolate around and tried to spread it evenly. While the chocolate is melted put your Valentines Day sprinkles on in whatever way you want!

They don’t have to look perfect. My 4 year old helped me and I love the little bit of personality that he added to them! They look perfect to me!

Let them dry and then bag them, box them or eat them! Happy Valentines Day from our family to yours!


Original post can be found here. ❤

Monster In a Jar.

We love crafts! Especially, things that can be used many times, and aren’t going to be built to sit in a corner and get dusty. When I first saw this idea on Pinterest I wasn’t sure if my kids would actually like it.

But, we put it Together anyway, and my kids play with it NON-STOP. They are always asking if they can get out their “Monster Making Jar.” It’s seriously the easiest and cheapest craft ever, and some of the stuff you probably already have at home.

I’m not going to tell you what you need rather, I will just show you what I USED, Because it really doesn’t matter. Anything sparks imagination when it comes to your kids. So here is our stuff.

IMG_7948[1]  IMG_7949[1]
IMG_7945[1]  IMG_7950[1]

You could also use feathers, ribbon, sequins and more.

You do have the option of gluing them together as they are built, and you will be able to build more complex monsters. However, I LOVE the fact that my kids can build them up, take them apart and then do it again the next day. Or in our case, later the same day.

Here are some of our favorites that we put together! We had so much fun!

IMG_8032[1] IMG_8023[1]

We even made a monster out of our REAL little monster. (wink wink)

Trying to decide if you want all of those pieces everywhere? Are you thinking to yourself “That is WAAAAAY to many things for me to have to clean up??”  I did the same thing and I wouldn’t blame you! But here’s the good news for mom. They go in here.


You stuff everything in this nice little jar, we had one at home. We glued a little monster on top and we used some plain ol’ construction paper to make our “Monster Jar” sign!

I hope that you enjoy this craft! We have so much fun with it together. It just so happens to help keep my kids entertained for hours! I love watching their imaginations run.